Can you smell that? It's the smell of HBCU Love!!!!! 


HBCU Love is not limited to just romantic relationships! It's the love you share with your Mom, your Dad, your Sister, your mentor, your Line brother or your bestfriend. The love of your HBCU is embedded deeply in us! 


Listen, this is the time that you can showcase ALL of your HBCU love and pride to the world! Cousins, we love you all so much, we decided to create this product just for YOU! 


Get your HBCU Love Bundle Today! 

- 2 Crew necks for $59.99

- Free Shipping 

- Represent both of your  schools

- The perfect time to give the gift of HBCU Love and Pride! 


Availabale for ALL 107 HBCUs and customized with your schools nickname! What are waiting for? You know February is a short month! Get your HBCU Bundle today! 

The HBCU Love Bundle Sale

SKU: HBCULoveBundle
Crew Neck 1
Crew Neck #2


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